Links Author, engineer, researcher Robert Bauval is a leading figure in the history revisionist movement. Often working with Graham Hancock, Robert has authored many works on the mysteries and astronomical sophistication of Ancient Egypt. I recently read one of his last books Talisman and found it a marvelously revealing and enlightening study of Gnostic-Hermetic wisdom which links ancient Egyptian religious concepts and symbolism to the very foundations of Western Christian Orthodoxy. Robert has been a kind and generous suppoter of my work, placing prints on display at the Sphinx Guesthouse, steps from the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx itself.

If you are considering travel to Egypt please check out Robert's tours also guided by his daughter Candice. SEPTEMBER 19th to 30th, 2008: Gathering of Souls II Tour:

OCTOBER 4th to 18th, 2008: Romantic Tour of Egyptian Sahara and Oases: Author and Egyptologist John Anthony West is at the forefront of those who understand the true significance of Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Tour Egypt with John, check out his speaking engagements or purchase his superb books through his web site. John's impecable eye for the highest standards in art, design and esthetics  were behind his advice encouraged the building of this new web site. Not that we think we may have met the standards of his exacting gaze, but we appreciate the nudge. Thanks John! Joel is exceedingly proud to have been a student of the Astara Degree Lessons for over 20 years. The wisdom teachings of the inner temples of Egypt are manifest for the contemporary seeker of higher truths, Joel believes, in this wondrous, astounding and voluminous accomplishment. Modest, self-effacing, completely devoted and genuine to the core are the qualities Joel ascribes to Robert and Earlyne Chaney, the founders of Astara, and their daughter Sita who now oversees Astara's continued growth. Did you fall in love with the music on this site? I know I did. The music on the main part of this site is a compilation of tracks from Fairy NightSongs by Singh Kaur and Gary Stadler produced under the Sequoia Records Label. Looking for sublime music that inspires the spirit and moves the heart to higher realms?  Discover a vast array of musical genres and enlightened artists whose works evoke peace, tranquility, spiritual vision and inner balance under the label owned by vastly talented musicians and producers David and Steve Gordon. Places of Peace and Power. Sacred sites and pilgrimage traditions of the world with National Geographic photographer Martin Gray. Thanks to Martin for his generous offer in helping to promote my work.

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