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The temples and monuments of Ancient Egypt hold an important wisdom and purpose of which only a few are becoming aware of. This is particularly the case with the antiquities of the Giza Plateau whose origins far predate that of Ancient Egypt as it is presently understood. The constructs there, such as the Great Pyramid for example, were built for a vast aray of purposes which interconnect directly with the well being and evolving consciousness of all life on Earth. An awareness of this will grow over the next five years exponentially. As such these sites need to be protected as "world heritage sites" from vandalism and unscrupulous exploitation. A growing consensus is needed among world governments, archeological authorities and tourists associations to make this a reality.

-Joel - December 5, 2011

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Look at Joel’s work by clicking here! Gallery I reveals the incredible development of Joel’s work from it’s self taught and guided beginnings, all inspired by the Light of Eternal Egypt! Gallery II reveals some of Joel’s master works which have been created with Joel’s own meticulous supervision and extensive hands on digital work into high quality Archival Giclee prints which are a must for every Light Worker’s sanctuary!

Learn about Joel’s amazing development as a totally intuitive artist by clicking here! Read the texts of Joel’s paintings written almost entirely by Joel himself by clicking here!

Joel's work has ever been accomplished within the power of one though: that all of humanity may find peace and healing through an awakening and realization of higher self.



Robert and Isis

Author, researcher, and engineer Robert Bauval displaying a flex print of "Isis: Immaculate Mother of the Mysteries" from the roof of the Sphinx Guesthouse, overlooking the Giza plateau with Sphinx and Pyramids. For Joel, thanks to Robert, his work had come home (March, 2008).


In February 2009, after 25 years of artistic inspiration from afar, I finally visited Egypt. The material reality of Giza, Saqqara, Luxor, Abidos, Dendara, Rameses’ Temple of Time and Timelessness, Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple, were beyond my expectations. The profound energies of these places however, especially the Giza plateau, were beyond words. I received much personal illumination.

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John Anthony West, very generously, allowed Nicholas Cashmore and I to join him for his guided tour of the Cairo Museum.

I am grateful to Grace Sears, who allowed me to join her magnificent group of souls for a two hour private visit inside the Great Pyramid.

Amina Spengler, selflessly offered her vast guiding experience for a day and a half tour of sites around Luxor.

Joel Clark in the King's Chamber (February, 2009).


Last year saw a re-committment by Joel to get his work out and into the public eye. Two exhibitions of Joel's work were mounted: one at Julia's in Oakville Ontario, another at Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage, Central Toronto Branch. Joel is, however actively looking for the right gallery and agent to promote his work. A stunning show needs to be mounted featuring 4' x 6' flex prints alongside originals. Originals are priced anywhere from $2,500 for early numbered works) to $90,000 (more recent, large and highly detailed work). If you are a gallery owner or agent and you feel you have the proper venue and clientelle to exhibit Joel's work, please contact him.

Joel alongside a frame 4' x 6' mounted flex print of "The Temple Within" at Julia's in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. (August, 2007)

Joel’s Artist Statement

Owl My purpose as an artist has ever been to re-establish a past destined to be the future; to take something of the eternal and invisible and manifest it in the physical. The high civilization of Egypt with all its wisdom, precision and loving engagement of Universal Light awaits its inevitable return. Each of my works is an entirely metaphysical statement at odds with the illusions of our present zeitgeist. Not to be understood by the reasoning of the mind; my paintings remain mystical invocations summoning the divine voice within and above each child of Earth; feats of alchemy speaking silently to the infinite recesses within searching souls.

Chick Ascetic of being, I drink of the Milky Way’s celestial light and feed upon the manna of distant stars as fuel for rarefied perception. Silencing the chaotic din I summon the pristine voice of secrets cut in stone. Striving for purity, each brush stroke levels a hammer blow of sacred gesture and expression for the glory of the Divine. Ever aware of the tyrannies of the physical I look beyond it. Like the Egyptians, I build here to harvest what endures beyond the veil. In the eternal now, I roll the centuries into one. The luminous pearls of incarnation I link upon that thread which shimmers in infinity. All cultures as fingers upon one hand do I unite. Dazzling upon the inner eye I behold the light of perfect and eternal beings who stand beyond the rivers of time radiant in Heavenly fire. And so do I let the images unfurl their colors, shapes and forms from sources now unseen.

Snake In a world bent on speed and sensations, time is of little consequence to my painting. Mine is a statement of an eternal contemplation and the intuitive certainties that dawn with perfect stillness of mind and body. Each composition is announced as a flash of light upon the inner eye. From there I work to manifest the energy of the vision, beginning with a pencil sketch, followed by the penciling of the actual work, inking of major lines, gold leafing of certain areas and finally the actual work of painting itself. Large works often require a year of devoted effort to complete.

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