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The Thought Behind Joel's Work

The Mystic

Gold, the flesh of the gods, i.e. light, wraps the body that it may become as such never to return to the realm of matter.

Those who judge identity based solely upon material facts are bound to the illusion of the five senses. If they cannot break free and glimpse the light which permeates all matter, the light of their own spirit which shines like the sun, then they must await the moment of the physical body's collapse to partake of the revelation. The mystic has already seen the light if he or she does not live in it perpetually. The light reveals perception, understanding, sounds, visions, sensations and awareness that are beyond time and place. The light reveals the nature of self and the very real transience of earthly experience. Through the light the mystic is not bothered by death which is merely a birth or in actuality a transformation to a body and realm of light. Caught up in this light while still in the physical the mystic hears the voices of insects, the music of growing things and stars, he or she flows freely with the stream, the wind, the ever becoming revelation of the moment. Only the mystic knows something of his or her own true and incredibly profound identity. Others, capable of looking only from the outside, will see but a form, like so many, battered by winds and rain.

The History of the Future

There is a great movement afoot. Year by year it produces increasingly astonishing and revelatory works based on research and analysis, cutting edge physics, astronomy, cosmology and a growing understanding of how ancient initiatory thought was so very different from our own. This is the 'history revisionist movement.' Its basic tenants: history within the earth is cyclical; the general (not specific) nature of mankind's behavioral values and understanding of the universe are influenced by celestial forces and movements which follow a 24,000 year pattern; at the height of this cycle humanity acts in complete harmony and awareness of the divine nature of the universe; at the low ebb mankind is blinded by materialism. The movement, therefore, postulates that careful study of archeological sites will increasingly uncover evidence of high civilizations long since hidden and destroyed by cataclysmic events; and that the higher a civilization the more peace loving and the more profound its understanding of the universe as an essentially spiritual and eternal reality of which mankind is the offspring.

The Investigative and Scientific Approach

Many champions of this movement aim to prove that the enlightened among the ancients understood a complex and profound spiritual science which integrates man's relation to the cosmos, by rational and empirical means. Their approach is of inestimable value. For it will ultimately defeat the ascendancy of the determined skeptics who would prefer to think of man as essentially animalistic, while encouraging those who, already sensing a higher nature within themselves and the universe, hold views to the contrary.

Joel's Creative and Intuitive Approach

Certain people, while delighting in the insights and revelations of the History Revisionist Movement, don't need convincing. In addition they understand the obstacles inherent to convincing rational minds, caught within the materialist paradigm, of anything else. In the case of Joel, the influence of his own eternal consciousness is so real and so strong that he doesn't need an external case to prove that certain ancient people were far in advance of us, or that the enlightened of antiquity were intricately aware of higher dimensions, the immortality of the soul and the profound laws which govern the universe. He looks within himself to see visions of such realities, remembering in some cases the sensations and experience of past lives. To this end Joel's creative and artistic output has been based on a complete trust of his own inner vision, and the spiritual guidance of those who hardly need physical forms in order to exist.

When one enters the stillness of the sound of One the five senses cease their distractions. Feeding the inborn nature on the light which permeates all darkness revives the qualities of the eternal. This is the path to the awakening of the eye which looks past the dust, the crumbling forms, the rustlings, bent visions, distracted desires, uneven breaths, the comings and goings of the phantom throngs, to behold that all that was conceived and executed in accordance with divine laws, in harmony with the cosmic moment, stands and shines in perfection, untouched by the ravages of time. So nothing is lost. All merely awaits the awakening of the ability to see. The temples of Egypt remain pristine on a higher plane which lies at the tip of one's finger.

Joel's Work: A Statement

Joel is hardly perfect as one struggling on the path of self-realization. He contains many human flaws against which he constantly struggles. Yet how noble this fight praised by Krishna to Arjuna as he surveyed the arrayed forces of higher pitted against lower self. This is the same battle, symbolically referred to as Kadesh, waged by Ramses II, wherein single handedly he slaughtered the huge opposing forces of his enemies. It is there, in this fight, that one finds everlasting glory. When selfishness is smitten by generosity; irreverence by devotion; despair by hope; slothfulness by industry; a desire to be served by doing service; aimlessness by purpose; hate by love; the judging of others by the scrutiny of self; the appetites of the flesh by a coveting of the light which feeds the spirit: so are great things accomplished within the soul which add to its eternal luster in harmony with the foundations of the Universe.

With such a view in mind each one of Joel's works was done as an act of devotion to spiritual ideals and revelations. Each time Joel picks up the pencil, pen or brush he calls upon the powers of light and love and the name of the Holy Mother Isis - Mary, the Virgin of the Mysteries, Queen of Heaven and Mother of all Invention, to guide him in his work. Those who would mock this Lady of Light and her principle do not know her, nor can they conceive of her reality. To laugh at her existance is to laugh at oneself and ridicule every beauty and wonder brought forth by Nature. Ever asking her divine guidance and blessing Joel works amid the vibrations of profound peace, compassion, tender caring and purified spirit which she embodies as the mother of Horus or Christ consciousness.

As such Joel's work is a statement, perhaps hard for many to identify at present, made in support of mankind's destiny toward self-perfection which is nothing more than self-realization. Joel believes that his approach to painting is similar to that of the Ancient Egyptians; an act consecrating the qualities of the divine as symbol. For the Ancient Egyptians time was of no consequence in the act of manifesting a work done in the spirit of divine perfection. Work on a sacred object was and always will be an act of devotion. The greater the effort made or patience required to capture the perfect essence of the divine, the closer one comes to be integrated with the divine and the realization of true self which is divine.

Why Have Joel's Works Remained Obscure?

The master artists of Ancient and Eternal Egypt sought no personal acknowledgement or recognition for posterity. Their labor was done entirely to manifest an expression of the divine in this realm which in turn affected many others. In fact, the Egyptians gloried in creating master works which were intended never be seen by the outside world; a world where treacherous forces blinded by matter would increasingly rule supreme; a world where works of light would be spurned, scorned, and destroyed through willful ignorance.

Such attitudes and perspectives have always permeated Joel's attitude towards his work. Nor did Joel feel that his work would be particularly well received. How often did he hear "your not still doing that Egyptian stuff are you?" The result was a kind of lack of concern for any recognition or exhibition of his endeavors. Such attitudes formed a kind of cross-current to the thought that light should be held high for all the world to see and that this work was being done as a statement of inspiration for those children thirsting for signs of light amid the great darkness. If Joel has been late in promoting his work, he begs forgiveness of those for whom it was meant to touch and inspire.

John Anthony West: On the Philosophy of Art

...from the Egyptian point of view our concept of [art as non-utilitarian] is naive.

The aim of all human existence is the return to the source. This is the message of Egypt, and of all other initiatic teachings. We are here, according to these teachings, to work to regain that higher state of consciousness that is our birth right. If we fail to fulfill this responsibility, then our biological survival is of no particular importance and our preoccupation with utility meaningless. Whatever, contributes to the acquisition of consciousness is useful. Building a pyramid or a temple of Luxor is useful. Building an airport, flying to the moon, improving the standard of living beyond what is strictly necessary to satisfy our physical needs...all of that is useless. It is art that is useful. Progress, all technological advance, is by this definition, a frivolity.

[Art today] is but seldom what it is meant to be, and what it has always been: a means of playing upon human faculties in such a way as to provoke a consciousness of super human realities - of the realm beyond the senses.

Art is not meant to be enjoyed, it is meant to illuminate.

John Anthony West, Serpent in the Sky. p. 72-73

Egypt: Heart of the World

From the Hermetic tract known as the Kore Kosmou, 'The Virgin of the World' Isis proclaims to her son Horus:

"The earth lies in the middle of the universe, stretched on her back as a human might lie facing toward heaven...Her head lies toward the south...her right shoulder toward the east, and her left shoulder toward the west; her feet lie beneath the Great Bear [north]...But the right holy land of our ancestors [i.e., Egypt] lies in the middle of the earth; and the middle of the human body is the sanctuary of the heart, and the heart is the headquarters of the soul; and that, my son, is the reason why men of this land ... are more intelligent [wise]. It could not be otherwise, seeing they are born and bred upon Earth's heart.

In the above we have an actual geographical scheme which is based on some form of astral magic, where Egypt is said to be at the very centre of the world, right at the crossing of some prime meridian.

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Talisman, p. 171

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