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The Texts of the Paintings of Joel Clark

Written by Joel Clark

No. 1 The Intelligence of the Heart

I am the intelligence of the Heart.

No. 2 The Liberating One

Look upon me O Man, I am that which is bequeathed to you. I am the soul the liberating one. I am the incorruptible principle of continuation; He whose temple is built on the love of Suns, whose light is received from and projected to, the Father of all things.

No. 3 The Opening Temple

Awake my children, slumber not! The time of my forthcoming is at hand, when the lighted temple shall be opened and I shall reappear, the Sun resplendent on my brow for all the world to see and perceive my glorious form of Light!

No. 4 Toth-Hermes

I am Toth-Hermes, Lord of the Ancient of Days, Master of secret writing. My pen unerringly helpless in the power of my perfection records the action of every heart. I am the Lord of the book of souls. I set the lines of each epoch before its birth and name each age of epochs according to the immutable laws which brought forth my symbols. When the time comes my pen shall mark the return of truth and all will be helpless before its glorious declaration. I blessed children of the earth am he who well be your eternal witness and who will uphold you with the indelible record of your selflessness, He who set in you the written seed of perfect form which will be your accomplishment and your destiny.

No. 5 Being still I know

Being still I know and in the stillness of my knowing I am not alone, for I am the universe and the universe am I. Sight is everywhere, and the one being that gave birth to all calls me forth. My eye is single and the light of my spirit shines like the Sun. Oh incomparable flowering of my heart and mind, what timeless glories of my Father's light are your revealings.

No. 6 Seti

I am Seti, the eternal prince of Egypt. I am the little one made invincible, for my nature is pure by the light of my everlasting memory, which unites me with my Father who brought me forth in his luminous brilliance.

No. 7 The Master's Hand

I will your presence through my lighted reality! The touch of your guiding hand compels me forward on the path of purifying fire, destroying all illusion and lighting the very essence of my heart ablaze with the brilliance of true identity. Death thou art no horrifying specter to me! The ashes of thy costume lie underfoot! I am thy vanquisher! I have rent the veil asunder that was of a blind eye's weaving and thy face upholds mine so tenderly in the love of thy glorious rays. I hold your hand my Master and walk from the doorway of the temple well served, into the land of pillars, the land of awakening!

No. 8 The Supreme Essence

I send to you the supreme essence, the vivifying sap of fiery hue. From the center of immaculate being I release it through unerring law to travel the imperishable roads which I have built, awakening the eye with sight and lighting the temple of the heart with shining countenance!

No. 9 Entrance of the Heart

As the heart's pure flight takes one to the centre of its longing, the past and future become whole in the timelessness of thy ever living glory O' Egypt! You from whom all begins and to whom all returns at the end of each cycle of perpetual becoming. You who were born of the light and grew according to its principle, it is to within thy temple that the center of every sun lit being returns transformed and resurrected!

No.10 Messenger of the Sun

When was there ever a time when shadows did arise, that I did not watch over you as Messenger of the Sun, surrounding you with Light? As I am before you hear me! The nature of the eye that looks for that which is above is the nature of the light that triumphs over all darkness and reveals the company of the Universe. Look upon me I am here, with you, around you, within you, speaking silent words of love that always lead the sight upwards and beyond, towards the timeless glory of your wondrous and mysterious reality.

No. 11 The Eternal Now

I am the eternal Now! The spirit of you heart in perpetual continuation. The fiery light of the Sun falls ever ad infinitum on my center, the temple, ever within, ever above. Come walk with me free and bright, in company with the lofty denizens of the high worlds of spirit. How we rejoice in the great majesty of Creation!

No. 12 Eye of Fire

When the heart is surrounded in Fire, then so the Eye, after the wisdom of the Sun, awakes in the radiant light of the vision which beholds the nature of the eternal. The unbound freedom of pure spirit! Glorious high witnessing sights!

No. 13 Daughter of Egypt

To all who come before me, with the Father's light I surround them! In the spirit of my Egypt I pour onto them the words of transformation, cleansing them with the reminder of their birth and filling their eyes with shining radiance as I reveal the ever-living majesty of their heart's divine flower and seed.

No. 14 Children of Egypt

O my Egypt, you who are the awakener and the resurrector, the children of thy house walk upon many earths and find their births in many lands, but before thy seal they kneel in spirit, all perceiving from they know not where, thy Light, the Light of Suns, of promised and timeless glory, the universe of love unveiled!

No. 15 Mother of the Gods

I am the purity of becoming, the force of ceaseless rejuvenation. I look within myself to behold the future, the bud of time, and read the spinning memories of my past, reflected in the light of distant stars, ever-living solar hearts of sparkling love. Mine is the timeless face of the Mother who nurtures the children of the Gods. Selflessly I give of self that you may bee purified by my elements, and come to know the majesty of the Father's mysteries, the purity of my soul.

No. 16 Queen of the World

When was there ever a light so bright as yours immaculate Queen! You set all things aflame from within with a glance of your love soaked eyes. The little blue bells and the blades and leaves of the field dance merrily in your wind, rejoicing with your kiss, and the world spins its shining and radiant form in delight before thy throne. You are the Mother of the elements, the protectress of the pure flame that consumes all except that which is like unto its own immortal divinity. In thy name let us call forth the power of the Ancient of Days and serve the glory of your unbound grace and fountaining essence, which pours into the world each day with the rising of the Sun and the casting forth of his eye which lights the night.

No. 17 The Pillar

I am Djed, he who is the pillar, he who is stability. I am that which upholds the heavens, its indestructible foundation, the causal source! I am built of and through the love which receives and treasures the light from above, that which becomes the gold from within. From without, within, without, I am the whole the cycle complete. The diversity of the duality sent forth returns in its final chapter balanced in perfection to my oneness. All who seek after my fashioning build unto themselves my form and substance and in them I unfold the Plan, framing the glory of their structure, laying my stone of radiance beneath their feet!

No. 18 Lord of Eternity

My Lord you stand above the river of time in glorious array, how strong and noble you are. The light of your eye and the grace of your step hold the nature of your lighted realm. A crown of sunlit flame and wings of lighted sight bedazzling are royal trappings of the Universal Kingdom. And I your little one am come again as in the days before birth to sit in quiet radiant joy surrounded by the magic of your loving presence. Listening to the chords of truth you set within my heart. My Lord, Guardian of the King's Chamber, Master of the Serpent, holy servant of Isis, how I love you!

No. 19 Voyaging past the Veils

I cross the paths of the children of Nut their star fire bright, each emanating the shining waves of its brilliant thought. I am one with the glorious life stream of luminous being, the purity of my heart guides me through the temples of each Sun. Oh what joy is mine in thy perfection my Father! My heart speaks the words of love and each fold in the veil opens before me. I am received! I go forward!

No. 20 The All-Permeating Fire

In the world where matter is without life through the mind and nature of Seth, I am not found! Even though my withdrawal from a single atom would shake the Universe, that which acknowledges not the divine reality is blinded from my lighted countenance. I am the presence of life and spirit in all things. I am the un-burning fire which transforms night in to day, the torch of wisdom revered by the immortals, and set aflame by the Love of Aten!

No. 21 The Avenger over Darkness

Through that unavoidable happening of the soul's birth into light, I am become the revealer, he who repossesses the eye, the avenger of darkness and the giver of life!

No. 22 The Great Mind

My great mind, that holds the magnitude of the Stars, sends forth from its shining light the brilliant rays which stretch loving flowers to the radiant sky and set ablaze with fiery seed the altar of each heart!

No. 23 Imhotep
No. 24 The Living Journey

The horizon shines ever ablaze before my outspread wings! Irresistibly I rise swiftly towards its rays of greater becoming. I am the ever-living moment of the unfolding spiral path of consciousness. In all things great that hold the seed of oneness I am the living journey, which passes by cycles, unto the Illumination of the Universal heart's radiant fire.

No. 25 The Sanctuary of Hermes

I am alone unto thy mystery Lord Hermes, no other may follow within to sight's revelation wherein you illuminate the nature of all things, within to where the soul shines with the combined glory of the stars, a Sun giving life to All. I beam with the inner radiance of my love revealed vision, for the secrets are with me and my eyes piercing gaze do I fix relentlessly on the power of Light!

No. 26 I am my France Returned

Je dedie cette oeuvre a mon Seigneur Ramses, mon Roi Charlemagne et sa Majeste mon Grand Seigneur LouisXIV. A chaque pas mon Seigneur vous etes la gloire d'eternite.

In glorious procession I arrive, the choruses of Angels at my side. The servants of Isis their raiment bright with golden light of Fire hold the symbols before which no man can stand.
I am my France returned!
The Sun's justice is on my brow.
I give the great, the true, the pure of heart and service their awakening and unto those who rise up against the law eternal I present the ruthless light of judgment.
France is peace, excellence, and the power of flaming hearts!
Blessed children in the Sun's love rejoice!

No. 27

Awake infant god of budding flame, as from within I call your name with the voice of Light. You shall grow tall and fill the heavens with the magnificence of your bounteous love, fashioning an altar of destiny for every spark that will become a Sun.

No. 28 The Science of Transmutation

To paint after the beauty of your heart my son and glorify the excellence of the Will which dauntlessly seeks and radiates the Light. This is the science where each stroke of the brush becomes the incantation that summons Life and the Power of the Sun to transmutate all things.

Je dedie cette oeuvre a Francois de Salignac de la Mothe Fenelon, Maitre de la pur Amour.

No. 29 Melchizedeck


For John (Sopinka) and to those children of the Gods whose dauntless courage and flaming will to manifest excellence shall illuminate all lands of Earth with the shining intelligence of the Heart and the Law of Eternal Being.

I Am the loving peace of the Heaven's deep blue. I am light veiled in darkness.

I Am the bright shining joy of Light dazzling Love, the immaculate Law of the Eternal.

Note: I painted this work for John shortly before he was nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada where he served as Justice from 1988 - 1997. It was hung in his chambers at the Supreme Court and is now held in the Canadian National Archives as part of his legacy. See for more on this extraordinary and marvelous human being.

No. 30 The Traveler of Heaven

I rest upon the expanse of Heaven, the firmament of my being the Eternal Barge from which downpours Life, endless fountaining rivers and lines of power who deliver unto the stars their light, the gift of Aten-Ra. I am the great peace, my arms unfold all Nature, and the lighted smile of the Universe shines forth from my lips. Seven worlds, seven states, seven bodies, from the source I make them one! I am awake, I am asleep, I am the traveler who goes in the stillness. My radiant form lies within the Temple yet my eyes hold the vision which knows no bounds, every atom the living shell that receives their Sight!

No. 31 Turquoise Wisdom

I lie in Tranquil readiness the Great Deep Heavens above. The Stars shower their light's intelligence upon my receiving form. I withdraw upon the inner road of their beckoning, and behold! I am surrounded by the bright blue purity of the ever-living Day. Free I am in the realm of serpents, of turquoise wisdom and radiant peace.

A ma France eternelle, avec la lumiere de mon Roy Louis XIV.

No32 Lord of the Temple

In thy name O Isis and Osiris I command the Light! Gather unto me O vast eternity of living silence. I am the fiery column of thy immaculate sight which listens through the inseparable presence of my stilled and omnipotent grip unto the farthest mystery of thy shining mind. Joyously I am whipped along with the wind plucked grain of tumbling sand and my laughter splits and shakes the mountains with the rolling thunder of my echoing Love.

No. 33 The Lord of Solar Revelations

And we came into the presence of the Sun! All was light and life everlasting! And it was He the immaculate Horus, who preceded us as the Lord of Revelations, reminding us as of old of our destiny beyond time. His words fell emblazoned with lighted eloquence upon our hushed and adoring hearts, and it was their lofty power which raised our sight to behold the Royal Serpent, his wings outspread and shining with the wisdom of Solar Love.

No. 34. Flight Into Light

Dear Light, joyous fountain of love who floods over the thirst of my seeking heart, I fly unto you! With wings that have too long been stayed by the weight of a lower world, shining and ablaze I soar Triumphant! Golden thoughts, jewel like flames, myriad sparks of spirit, radiate from the brightness of my auric plumes, each alive as an atom of sun filled beauty. The rays of my heart enrich my eyes with sight. Disks of brilliant perception, they are consumed in your glorious vision, and my soul is replenished with the warmth of the Heavens! At last I am whole and unto you Awake!

No. 35 Door of Fire

The rising dew of golden light proclaims my awakening with the blasting resonance of celestial trumpets calling. The Sun's rays shine forth! Lo! With universal form and splendor I stand in sight, and the galaxies unfold their secrets before my shining eyes. I speak my Fathers name with the lips of heart and mind, and with a thunderous clap the Heavens fall to engulf me in the fiery breath of living Light!

No. 36 The Celestial Lotus

It is upon the celestial waters that floats the peaceful light of the Lotus. O radiant heart, this is the joyous sanctuary that ever keeps the living memory of Love.

No. 37 Adoration of the Artist-Scribe

O sweet resting place of my heart's wisdom, I kiss and rest my breast in incomparable knowing upon thy smooth and luminous surface. You are my Love, my eternal living company, who upholds the life-giving will of my hand and who raises forever the foundation of the intelligence which smites all illusion.

No. 38 Mind in the Heavens

Life! From my shining and ever rising mind in the Heavens I command love's eternal Life! And breathe into the waters of spirit the magic of joy and awakening.

No. 39. The Egg of Light

Arise! Arise! From within my shining Egg of Light I have awakened to give Life!

No. 40

In the Light where all is remembered the seal of Time and the Eternal instant are forever unbroken.

No. 41 The Invisible Ones

The golden ones that beam with the rising stars in the West, the victorious ones that raise Life as the Lords of Creation, all dance in the Heavens! Gently the awakening light of Ra's shining hand touches each awaiting blade of grass. Imperceptibly as with the hush of a million breaths the sand are blown their way. Soft are the steps of the invisible ones that nurture with divine care the revealing of the Mysteries and herald the opening of the unknown places of timeless sight.

No. 42 The Awakening

My empty, my beloved, my little flowers who weep in great illusion of darkness. My sad buds of life who remain closed though the Sun's light floods around you. I am within you, a memory that though forgotten will come to life. My hand shall reach forward filled with a power you do not know. Silently and secretly I shall touch you and you shall open! Open to see with dewy eyes the infinite light of nourishing life!

No. 43 The Sun Bearer

I Am the Sun Bearer who's first step into light is the awakening of sleep. I am the pathfinding giver of fire. I set ablaze the horizon of the hidden eye and purify its temple with the words of the soundless sky. I Am the beloved conqueror who smites with the glory of outstretched wings the serpents that rest on the path of illusion!

No. 44 The Circle of Fiery Light

From the Egyptian Book of the Coming Forth by Day:

I am yesterday, today , and tomorrow, for I am born again and again; mine is the unseen force with createth the Gods and giveth food to those at the West of Heaven. I am the Lord of Two Faces who seeth by his own light; the Lord of Resurrections who cometh forth from the dusk and whose birth is from the House of Death.

The Text:

The time had come with day of days! With terrible radiance and glory yet unknown Isis descended from on high...And the Master of Light breathed fire into my blood, which ran with the golden power of the Sun. Time and earth fell away and from death awoke the perfection of my will. Behold! Before me a circle of fiery Light!

No. 45 Djed Pillar: Upholder of the Heavens

The sledge of my eternal throne slides ceaselessly upon the current of Universal will towards you Oh Djed, Pillar of pillars, who upholds the creation of the Gods and the Law! I will unite with thee, selfless and straight in dual perfection. My lining form shall be shaped after thee and with thee I will raise my arms to uplift and caress the Heavens. Radiant I am the Mystery ever becoming, the light who is the Power of the unseen All. Relentlessly I command the inverse of the Illusion and through my eye darkness is transmuted into Light.

No. 46 Melchizedeck in Eternity

Melchizedeck in eternity! King of the order of Immaculate Oneness! Wondrous Son of the ancient breath who resonates the magic of the worlds unseen. You who love the perfection which rises in all things. From above is thy presence felt in the fiery mystery of the Sun's resplendent light. We shall defy all the mocking tragedy of the Valley of Death and revel Triumphantly in the gallant glory of your selfless grace, which gives us Life and the blessing of Love Limitless and unknown.

No. 47 Nekhebit

If you, with the voice of Wisdom, wait long enough, with your will one pointed toward reunification with the perfection that surrounds you, the Day will come when Nekhebit shall appear upon the temple of the mind to unite with wisdom's fire and give Life to the Light that sleeps in the darkness.

No. 48 Isis: Worshiped by the Children of the Stars

I come to you on my knees O Isis as my heart is consumed in the torrent of your unbound grace. As I was born of a will to serve, so you bore in me the Fire to seek the Light that will raise the Children of the Stars in all their Celestial Magnitude. In your name O Isis I lovingly beheld their hearts and did call them by your power to unite within the rays of our Father's Solar Disk of loving perfection. Through the Portal you have made have we entered. Behold we are thy servants clothed in Light! Isis: As I have proclaimed Son of the Sun you are Life, Health, Strength, Pharaoh!

No. 49 The Unknown One

Hidden and unknown, indiscernible and unfathomable is the Glory of Truth! Relentless in its whispering, unchallenged in its mastery, ever patient in its presence is the Voice that unveils Glory. Humble are the Hearts of Kings in the purity of their attention to the Voice of silence which speaks in sight and unseen awakening.

No. 50 The Bird King

From the One I became Two. Master of the duality my heart commands as the tongue of fire and I am born the Bird King, King of Souls, the Lord of the thrice great wisdom, the three become One, whose Name is heard on the shimmering lips of brilliant Light that pierce the Crowning Eye with the voice of Love!

No. 51 The Eye of Awakening

I fly upon sleep as the Eye of Awakening! Wings of Light that dive with exacting grace upon the slumbering heart which bleeds in living death. The Conqueror Am I who descends from Infinity upon the moment of awaiting breath with the roar of the Sun's bursting forth upon the Horizon.

No. 52 Lord of Egypt; Child of the Sun

The circle of Light that is perfection! My will is abandoned unto its obsession and I resonate with the voice of its One desire. In the beginning as in the end I am its Life, and I come forth as its Cosmic work, a Child of Fire.

No. 53 To the Source Homeward Bound

Forward! Oh ever forward! Irresistibly I am commanded by the universal winds forth unto the Light of Oneness. By the rhythm! By the rhythm! I am ever aflame with love. Moving in transformation, dauntless, irreversible, continuously reborn, every yearning ever reaching and in oblivious detachment eternally to the source homeward bound!

No. 54 Pharaoh: Symbol of Perfect Being

O Consciousness, drawn from myself in the Sun, I do call thee forth! Unto the timeless splendor of the will which crushed underfoot the impetuous ravings of the Body Mind, I am one unto Spirit! O Fiery Love, to serve thy excellence and awaken on the path of Hearts the children, the virtuous warriors of peace, now with vision fixed unto the Kingdom of their forms of Light. Beyond Time, beyond Death there is but the ever moving stillness of right action, and the turning away from the Desires of Men.

No. 55 Ego Sum Isis

With adoration to Isis-Maria the Immaculate Mother of Light and Queen of the Great Mysteries, I dedicate this work to Holy Mother Russia, to the forgotten honor of Rome, the Master of the Mise au Tombeau de Biron and to all children who in their hearts shall call the universe of Love their home.

No truth ancient with the dusty shroud of time, nor abandoned to the fleeting instant gone, shall cease its life, but that the flaming of the Intelligence of the Heart shall again know in a wondrous Light anew. Their eye eclipsed by the Master of Death they fell unto the world of deception, not even their own light forms could they see. Memory of the Timeless self was sealed into a blinding Sun, which became unto the senses but a source of heat, a sight unto the veil. The Body Mind ruled on the cusp of its extinction. Knowing lay in a deep sleep about to awake. Life upon the waves of darkness was blowing, a blazing turquoise sea about to be born in flowing fire. I from above am Isis! The Earth and the Hearts of men shall be mine! By the power of my Grace shall it come and by the will of the Sun's outstretched hand shall it purify and set straight the path of the Children of Love.

No. 56 Isis: Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Earth

Within to awake the Virgin Thoughts that conceive the hidden Children of the Sun! Still and above Thy Self, beyond the millenniums in the will of the shining One, the radiance of All Being calls, to fearless gaze, beyond the Veil, unto the Light of Isis, Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Earth!

No. 57 Gods of Fire

Rich with the Luminous gravity of immaculate and eternal waiting, they embrace the Keys of Life! Seemingly silent and ever patient, lost and unknown to those eyes ruled by the children of the mind, the First Beings of the Solar Realms radiate in the clear streaming vibration of their All attentiveness. They are the shimmering and fiery Ones, whose wills are one with the Divine Plan, set forth by the timeless Power of the First Cause. To adore them is to adore the all liberating Mystery of thy Ancient Self, which knows only the One desire. To come into their presence is to see they pillar filled with Light and to behold thy blood to become golden in purple fire! It is to hear thy Name spoken by no lips of earth and see within thy self thy unknown path, which climbs beyond death among the Suns! With the gentle loving Light of Aten-Ra they make all things One!.....and it shall be so!

No. 58 Horus: Pilot of True Becoming

Hail to thee witness of the Way! Your eye is cleansed by the rays of the first day. Embraced by the company of the living, bright are the regions of your gaze! Hail to thee Lord of the Center! You separate the gates of shadow and upon the plains of Heaven are called the Sun Born; He who moves conceived in Light!

No. 59 The Temple Within

Away you slumbering forms of flesh, by the piercing of My Eye, now focused above on Fire! Shining will ablaze distains all enslaving thoughts! Unto thee O sight within! Asleep no more the unknown Children of the Gods! Awake unto the sound of the living stones; radiant the Temple's calling! Draw back! You Veil! Before the flaming tongues of Truth! Upraised and glorious, the hands of the seeing Heart!

No 60 Isis: Immaculate Mother of the Mysteries

Arise thou who would walk in the light of the stillness and behold with radiant sight the One. He who is Lord of Illuminations unto the becoming that is beyond the Veil of time. I am the Mother Isis who from within those gates hath conceived all things in light that seal with Holy night, the Temples womb of Virgin thought. O mons clause mentis. Nunc sit laus Deo.

No 61 The Eternal Mind: Source of Royal Will1

I am by my thought the Ever Becoming unto the limitlessness of the Royal Way within, and by the Fire of singing atoms I do proclaim: "The Light is One, One is the Light!

No 62 The BA: Ancient and Eternal


From the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead:

I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow, for I am born again and again. Mine is the unseen force which createth the gods and giveth food to those at the West of Heaven. I am the Lord of two faces who seeth by his own light; the Lord of Resurrections who cometh forth from the dusk and whose birth is from the House of Death.

No 63 Untitled without text

A Greco-Roman temple with Goddess of Harmony, inspired by a relief on the left wall of the foyer in Lenbachhaus Munich.

No 64 Daughter of the Sun

Born of the Lake of Fire I dwell in the Valley which collects the sacred dew. Born of the memory of the Immaculate I raise those hands that worship my Lord the Shining One! And behold, I am a princess whose power flows with Light!

No 65 The Fortress of the Heart

I am the rising serpent of the Fiery Male who strikes in action to set the Heart aflame.

I am the rising serpent of the dewy Female whose mist receives and nurtures the leaping spark.

One and Awake within the Realm of Fire I am the Impenetrable and Indomitable Spring of all Light, Love and Wisdom.

No 66 The Tree of Divine Awakening

Work not yet completed. No text as yet written.

No 67 Adoration of the Grail

Work conceived in basic composition.

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